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Copyright September 22, 1999 by Alan Rifkin

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Concept for a universal food label
I am proposing a food labeling system to make it easy to avoid the foods some of us need to avoid

Food is good for us.
But not all foods are good for all of us
Some of us are on low salt diets
Some are Diabetic and can't eat sugar
and over 6,000,000 of us in the USA have food allergies

How it works, is a Graphic of an alarm clock with a 12-segment pie chart or spoons in place of hands.
Each darkened segment is a warning item
The clock is to be placed somewhere noticeable on all food package and even on menu's in restaurants.

Segments:For each darkened segment the food contains:
12 o'clock Sugar
1 o'clock High Fat content or TFA's
2 o'clock Salt
3 o'clock Shell Fish
4 o'clock Fish
5 o'clock Dairy or Lactose
6 o'clock Peanuts
7 o'clock Eggs
8 o'clock Wheat/Gluten/Celiac
9 o'clock Tree Nuts
10 o'clock Soy, MSG, Guanalates
11 o'clock Sulfites

Every food product should have this label on it.
All you have to do is look at what segments are darkened, to know if you can eat it safely or not.
This label also without language. That way it will work just as well on Portuguese Bacalhau or a Russian Blini
In the future, I hope to have this web site in as many languages as possible.
A kid with a peanut allergy can eat things as long as there is no bar at 6 PM. If there is no bar at Noon it is safe for Diabetics.
I am planning a tool that will ask you some questions and it will prepare a card for you to carry to remind you what you can and can not eat.
I am a chemist and I have trouble with modern labels.
I have no idea how the average person, let alone a child or elderly person with poor vision can cope.
Give your child or friend a card, and all they have to do is look at their card and the clock on the label or just remember their times. I am 1,2,5,8, very easy to remember.
Here is how it would look

If a food contained Sugar

If a food contained Shell Fish

A snack food high in Salt and Fat would look like

I am currently looking for funding grants and sponsors to promote the idea.

You can contact me by email at Email: Alan@Rifkin.com or Phone 800-336-9054
I had a grant to promote this, but unfortunately the funding party lost their funding.
I am looking to spread this idea and I am not looking for any monetary return. I have very bad allergies and would just like to sit down and eat something without it having to be a production.
My spouse calls the way I interrogate a waiter "Boogling"
I would like to hear how you handle your allergies

For more food allergy information check out FAAN, the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network

I would also like to thank all my allergist's for help with this idea. Especially Dr. Aidan Long at MGH, who has given me the information that I need to live in our society
Ming Tsai of Blue Ginger for all the hard work he has done to promote Food Allergy safety in the restaurant industry
And finally to Stan Henry for creating the graphics for me.

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